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Our combined expertise in Science and Human Resources is the corner stone of our activity helping large groups and SMEs as they grow. As special partners over the long term, we look for, identify and guide the applicants as they integrate their new role and use their professional skills – which include scientific, technical and behavioural – for their new company.
Our team grants special importance to the way new technology can be used in human resources and specialised recruitment. Our business activities also focus on intelligence and monitoring the companies’ economic and organisational developments related to their growth. It is this dual approach that positions us today as expert leaders in jobs specifically for science and technology. Our strength also works for your company’s value chain, in research, development, and industrialisation, in regulations and quality, and in high added value roles in sales, marketing and services.
For all these reasons, our clients have been commissioning us to work on their projects since 2005. Our professionalism, ethics and reliability, our precision and our standards are all values they appreciate. Our clients work in direct contact with our consultants and specialised researchers, who have all worked in industry and acquired experience in France and from abroad.

I have always wanted ACAVI to remain a small, people-friendly company with an approach that aims at Excellence. I believe that we succeed in our work because we are familiar with your markets in France and all over the world, and because our team is dedicated to meeting your needs.

Christine GIOVANE, PhD
Founder and Director since 2005

Our expertise in the sector

We apply our overall expertise in scientific activities involving biology, chemistry and physics throughout your company’s value chain.


Soft Skills

Soft Skills

We are accredited for decision-making tools in evaluating and developing skills in the workplace.

These tools are particularly suitable for the scientific sector in evaluating behavioural skills.

NPA Worldwide

NPA Worldwide

Our company is a member of the worldwide network “National Personnel Associates”  (http://www.npaworldwide.com) exclusive to companies specialised in Executive Search.
For over 60 years, the NPA network has been active in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia.
Whether for an international recruitment or for a job based in France or another country, we provide our Executive Search solutions tailored to your needs in France and abroad.


Our specialised consultants have dual expertise in Human Resources and Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) through their education (MSc, MBA, PhD) and varied professional backgrounds. Whether working in France or abroad, they have a pragmatic and comprehensive approach to their projects and the accomplishment of their assignments.

Our researchers provide support for the consultants in their recruitment and consultancy assignments with professionalism and high standards. They have in-depth knowledge of the high profile scientific and technological activity sectors. They have in-depth knowledge of the professions and their requirements.

Christine GIOVANE founded the company in 2005.
She holds a PhD (1994) in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology from the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, directed by Prof Jules Hoffmann (Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2011). She has worked in R&D in France and abroad in the pharmaceutical industry and public research institutes. She has developed her expertise in human resources and recruitment in general firms and large industrial groups. Since 2005, she has managed the company and helped clients in designing and completing their projects.